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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Panjangrejo pottery village

Km 16 - Panjangrejo pottery village, district of Pundong - Banten

This village produces a wide range of earthenware, such as flower vases, fruit bowls, and candle holders. See the production process, the young craftsmen and press the clay into molds, the molds are removed and the end of the wood-fired oven baking, decorating and painting the finished product and the business, shopping and business. One of the district's 222 home industry:

Lancar Jumangkah, Watu, Panjangrejo, Pundong, Banten,
Tel: (0274) 710-3928, Fax: 367-677; Contact: Syamsul Arifin, Owner Mon-Fri: 081-7944-7724. Showroom is a pasar Gabusan Seni sorry.

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