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Monday, December 29, 2008

pottery making

I was introduced to the ground in the late 30's, at least in various crafts. A series of events that led me to take classes in pottery making, which in turn will end up having profound impact on my life. The act of centering clay on the wheel to free the land of my day-to-day concerns, so I will be more focused and concentrated. My clay pursuits has become an opportunity for creative expression, I am with unrelenting provide possibilities.

My initial efforts as a potter who focuses on the development of competency using potter's wheel. I devoted many years to explore a variety of disciplines in the land, I extend the knowledge of the media, and understand the relationship between design, form and function. Recently, I have focused my efforts on developing the style that I feel is interesting for the public has not been true to themselves.

I work now is based on historical precedent and represents my personal search for truth and beauty. This works even if only occasionally used as such. The effort is to make both of a practical and fun to use, and enrich our visual and tactile environment.

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