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Monday, December 29, 2008

home pottery

Lookout Mountain home pottery has become the reference for the Southern Appalachian Arts and Crafts since 1947, when Fannie Mennen, local printmaker, founded Plum Nelly Clothesline Art Show. Plum Nelly name comes from the contractions of the phrases: "Plum out of Tennessee and almost out of Georgia." With local artists and craftspeople, this event, but a historical footnote now. Today, potter Mark Issenberg has returned to contribute to that former inspiration.
Mark Issenberg

Mark Issenberg create smooth glassy gray-pot near Plum Nelly first where he studied ceramics as youth under the legendary potter, Charles Counts.

Then, Mark went to receive a degree in Fine Arts and the City of Hialeah, Florida for eight years as a fireman. Always keep a close relationship with fire, after the retirement of Mark back to the great influence and inspiration. Today, Mark is an excellent potter. His functional and decorative pieces exhibited widely throughout the South and East.

Voted mark this as the President formed a new Georgia Clay Council (GCC), whose mission is "dedicated to the needs of land potters and artists of Georgia to provide opportunities for environmental and cultural education and growth."

Mark Issenberg
Location studio

From Chattanooga

Take I-24 W exit toward Nashville / Birmingham

Take I-59 S exit (exit number 167) on the left toward Birmingham

Take GA-136 exit (exit number 11) of Trenton

Turn left GA-136

Follow GA-136 on the mountain

After you pass the ideals Canyon State Park on the left, take immediate right onto Cherokee Trail

At the end of the road, take a left onto Plum Street Nelly

Studio is located on the right to Lookout Mountain Map pottery studio
to learn more...www.lookoutmountainpottery.com/index.html

Lookout Mountain pottery, and was completed in 1999, and adjacent to the original Plum Nelly Clothes Line Art Show, now open to the public by appointment. For your private tour of the pottery shops, and the reason to see the heart of North Georgia's Bluffs on the Rising Fawn, call or email for an appointment. Do not forget to wear your shoes, walking and bring your camera.

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