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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

teknick production pots

pots are in hand to throw and turned on the wheel and the handles are drawn in by hand. When the first "Help" by firing to a lower temperature, each piece is glazed, before you start one by one. The last stoneware firing 1250 is the degree of the electric furnace.

Some of the ornaments are figurative, using a fine brushwork. When the other floors were built up so different surfaces and the colors bleed into one another in the slip over the stern looser brushwork.

Lasitteen that is used to provide heat, clay body is shown through. Some models use wax-resist stresses the contrast between the glaze and clay. The new decoration to use sponges to print onto the surface of glaze. Of course, the oven is often the last to say, and there is still a part of a surprise opening up the door!

photo: Chris Zuidyk

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