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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pottery Bowl 1912

Newcomb College Pottery Bowl 1912 (Sadie Irvine)
$ 2,195.00

Large and very Newcomb decorative ceramic bowl decorated by Sadie Irvine in 1912. It is a design carved inside bottom of bowl and a floral design to each of the four points raised in the perimeter of the basin. Nice soft pastel blue trimmed in a darker blue. Excellent condition. No chips, cracks or repair damage of any kind. There is a small mark of rust in the bottom of the bowl and a small color jump onto the body. Bottom marked with the logo, FP5, JM potter for Joseph Meyer, B in a circle for the clay used and the figure for Sadie Irvine. Bowl is 3 1 / 2 inches high and 9 1 / 4 "wide. Rare form!
Newcomb College Pottery Bowl 1912 (Sadie Irvine)

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