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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little John Leach vase

Little John Leach vase

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Little John Leach vase - 5 ¼ "(133mm) high.
John Leach

John Leach is the eldest son of David Leach and the oldest grandson of Bernard Leach. He was born in ceramics Cottage in the Leach Pottery in St Ives in 1939. He studied with his grandfather and father in St Ives, Colin Pearson and Byron Temple in Aylesford and Ray Finch in Winchcombe.
John Leach - May 2000

John Leach, in May 2000

In 1963 he went to the U.S. to teach and opened a pottery in Northern California. Kehrte he moved to England in 1964 and founded Muchelney Pottery in the tranquil countryside miles south of the village of Muchelney in Somerset. The pots were he made functional part-glazed stoneware. The kiln was fired oil in the first, but later fired wood.

In 1983, John began to make unique pieces in the studio a number of styles. Notable among them is the "Black Mood 'range, very different from John's bread and butter pottery, and very striking. In recent years, John has lectured and staged demonstrations in Europe, Scandinavia, North America and the West Indies. He is a large, striking man, friendly, communicative and with a sense of humour.

Aware of its debt to the environment, John has planted 4000 trees on his land and has a one-acre pond sanctuary for wildlife and vegitation.

Muchelney Pottery

Muchelney Pottery was invented by John Leach on his return from the U.S. in 1964. John change from oil to wood for the fires in 1976 and 1998 built a new wood-fired kiln climbing in oriental principles with a capacity of 350 cubic feet. The stoneware produced in Muchelney is glazed on the inside and the outside shows the nice warm fire brands produced by toasting the 1300 ° C firing.

Working at the pottery with John, Nick Rees, master potter and Mark Melbourne. The oven-to-table ware is of very high quality, as well as in the studio-produced pieces in the pottery.

A new gallery was built alongside the ceramic crockery shop in 2003 to sign pots by John Leach, Nick Rees and Mark Melbourne, together with John's personal selection of works from his favorite artists and makers.
In 2006 John Leach opened an online shop to sell 95 repeat designs from the series Muchelney dishes.

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