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Saturday, August 2, 2008


Sure to be the last, this new list of shells playing cards can not be taken literally ceramics, but when you see it you can switch allegiance, seashells. Four whimsical crab playing cards are both are cigar in terms of their card hands, when the ice cold cans of Coca-Cola to sit on the shell-card table. The right down to their feet, the whimsical nature of the descriptions are certainly become a debate on a piece of the room in which they reside. When the photographs, we have tried to describe a sense of fun details, such as eyes, mouth, the cigar, and the fact that you can see exactly what cards each player is. The piece is really a great excess of it all, in excellent condition and measuring about 4.75 "high and 5.5" in diameter. Prior to living in their new home after the Collectics, the shell was the family in a Rumson, NJ estate. $ 45.00

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