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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

vase and pots

All the pottery in Catriona McLean of the collection is proof either freezing or frost-resistant guaranteed by the manufacturers. However, we must emphasize that under severe weather conditions frost damage may occur if the pots are allowed to become water, because of bad drainage. When land is deeply frozen, will expand and cause stress to land, which can break and crack pots. To minimize what we strongly advise you use the bubbles synthesis or thin sheets of foam line inside vats before planting with earth. Otherwise, you can put plastic planters in the ground, which are easily removed, and pots can be placed in a freeze-area during bad winter weather.

All pottery is handmade by artisans, and although the land is fired over 1100 degrees centigrade, some drawings sensitive surface may be subject to attack if the gel left in a vulnerable site. We always recommend that if you're at risk at all, you must remove your pots to freeze a free-or wrap securely with packing bubble for extra protection. St Jean de Fos and Anduze

Good drainage is essential if planted with shrubs and perennial planting. The drainage holes must be cleared by placing pebbles or pieces of slate over the hole before the land is put into the pot.

Saint-Jean and Anduze pottery of France will naturally age over the years, with a patina finish, which adds to their natural beauty.

Natural salts in the soil clay May gradually seep through the glaze and the outer surface of the creation of a whitish dust arrival (often seen on pottery earthen plain). It is quite normal and all must terracotta "breathe". If undesirable, you can simply remove the salts or allow the rain to get the job done! Collection of assorted pots

Nowadays, more pottery manufacturers use a waterproof silicon paint finish to better protect the land against damage caused by frost, but which allows the land to "breathe".

Always lift the heavy pots attention, and not to roll over their feet that can cause damage to the rims and put the weight on May which causes the foot to a part of society bowl from saucepan. Using a cart or in a big wheelbarrow, protected by a blanket when moving around the garden.

Your land will last many years if properly cared for, and whether the guidelines on monitoring and planting are met.
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