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Thursday, May 15, 2008

P e r t e s V l e y craft education

P e r t e s V l e y
Craft .. E d u c t i o n.. C e n t e r

La Mia Ceramica (Majolica)
Nicola Boccini
August 5-9 (5 days)
Nicola Boccini is a master of the world artists in the use of majolica. If you ever considered the study of thought or Majolica study with a master contemporary could enrich your ideas and life is the possibility of doing so with an artist who comes directly from the place of origin; Deruta, Italy. Nicola is the gold medal winner Price Faenza when he was just 20 years. Students will learn the true Majolica technique and tradition, using the original materials, in some cases, if experience is as close to real as possible. Oh, and we might add, you will never work with a most charming gentleman throughout your life!
Intermediate to advanced.
Nicola Boccini graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia in 1998. His training is a classic of nature in the decoration and painting ceramics, but contemporary in the field of sculpture. He often combines different materials such as iron, wood, bronze and create sculptures with interesting aesthetic results. He traveled widely, exhibited, and taught throughout Italy, Europe and abroad. In 1997, he established the Experimental Free Ceramics and 2000, he, along with other artists, created the School of ceramic art Deruta, Italy.

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