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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kyinen Ceramic Art

Kyinen Ceramic Art - 15/05/2008
Master Bocca Luigi born 14/01/1939 is the artist that faithfully reproduce in ceramic classical masterpieces, 500,'600 ja'800. After a period of training in the old boat factory in Deruta, thank you for your oman natural talent, drawing and pottery decoration, in particular, the human figure, he started on his own. Master Bocca wants to reproduce, ceramic subcjects "il Perugino", and "Botticelli" (from whom he is a large collection of prints) discs, filled with objects, tiles or panels of different sizes. Elegans, stroke, and the beauty of colors, he uses these reproductions, are beautifully uncomparable. The various subjects, painted and decorated, and oman singularity made them as a collection of songs. Master Bocca only three colors typical of the fact that the old tradition of Deruta: blu, dark green and bright orange. Where do these colors, he will get all the gradations to give the impression that the more colors, are set out in the composition.
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