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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Classical gold at Studio

Welcome to Magnolia Studios
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Classical gold at Studio

Go and enjoy a fun and creative painting session
pottery or make jewelry fashionable in our spacious
and friendly studio.
We run regular workshops and classes or simply drop
and select something to make our craft ready menu.
We will add our Teddy Bear Kits just the menu --
look at our website for details.

Paint Your Own Pottery Studio to our Northampton heartprint.gif (163597 bytes) maple_leaf_silver.gif (325251 bytes) silver_fingerprint_crystal_.gif (203090 bytes)
Pottery Painting
Father's Day gift ideas and offers silver jewelry
in art clay silver jewelry silver fingerprints
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Part offer
free for children anniversary weekday teatime parties Ready craft ready for use - foot and create! ** New **
Make your own
Teddy Bear parties creation mode jewelry

Print or view craft workshop list Feature - Hen party function
Gemma's Party

Our studio is dedicated to helping you produce quality
which can be used daily. You do not need to be an artist, with
help staff the studio, many designs on display to inspire you.
you can create your own beautifully decorated ceramic,
fashion and jewelry by hand.

Take a look at our gallery of ceramics to see a range
of the pottery items that you can decorate.
Other services available at Magnolia Studios
Home Parties and take part pottery
Private room of your event or part of the child
Infants and children and footprints hands and plasters
Marriage civil partnership and customized gifts
Hen parties
Commissions taken for personalized gifts
Make your own style jewelry
Activities for children and art clubs
The teacher gifts
Classes and Events
Gift certificates and experience gifts

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