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Monday, June 1, 2009

Between Tradition and Innovation pottery

Pottery Bayat: Between Tradition and Innovation

9 December 2008 by budiatijavapottery

Grandma Suwarno Harto, at the age of more than 65 years, still agile and well behaved in serving customers who come to her house. Various merchandises displayed in a store, such as the piggy bank (savings), pottery flask (water vessel), and a replica of Chinese ceramics.
Harto Suwarno mother can be said as a pioneer of the history of pottery that developed in the District for decades Bayat, Klaten Regency, Central Java. With her husband is no longer active aging because of illness, Mrs. Harto Suwarno are heirs of their parents and grandparents.

"My parents have helped me in making pottery since I was in elementary school, but in old age, I hope I only accept deposit of pottery or ceramic maker in this village." Althoug seem terrible, my home is enough to show the pottery or ceramic products made by people in this village, "said Ibu Harto Suwarno in a house near an alternative way of connecting Yogyakarta-Sukoharjo, Wonogiri and other cities in East Java .
As a guard history, Harto Suwarno mother and her husband, the relatively oldest person in the business in the pottery or ceramic Bayat, both in art and also make pottery in the ceramics Bayat. He knew early development of pottery piggy bank and make a pumpkin to new innovations such as ceramics, benches and tables for the garden, a pottery jar, and so forth. He also knows the role of Industry in Kabupaten Klaten at the time in educating decision pottery ceramics become experts in decision making.

Ibu Harto Suwarno also know that there is exchange of goods of ceramic Kasongan, Bantul, Yogyakarta with people from Bayat, Klaten. "Thus, there is cooperation between craftsmen and Bayat Kasongan craftsmen. Bayat addition to ceramics, I also sell ceramics Kasongan replicate the Chinese ceramics," he said.
According to him, and Bayat Kasongan ceramic tiles that are really different. Ceramics Kasongan like China, such as ceramic jug and benches and tables, while ceramics tend to be ethnic Bayat and complex in nature, especially with a relief decoration nuance, and without the nuance of the color bright. However, the price of ceramic Bayat s slightly higher than Kasongan ceramics. And, we can not reply to one another even though each crafter can do that.

As a seller of products, ceramics, Ibu Harto said that he often receives orders from foreigners who come to her house, from the garden lights, various pottery bottles, bowls, plates, and others. "If I receive an order, I order a paver to pass, including sample products. Each order can have a ceramic product number 1000, so if there are five types then there will be five thousand pieces of ceramics," said Ibu Harto.
Because of the crisis and also the Bali bombing tragedy, Mrs Harto no longer receive orders from foreign tourists. "However, orders from other cities, such as Yogyakarta, Semarang and other are still in progress. I often receive orders from restaurants or cafes to antique plates and bowls," he said.

Ibu Harto can not export the product, but this does not mean that exports of Bayat got stuck. For example, the ceramics and pottery, triyanto, which is always a container ship from various potter and ceramic products every one or two months. "Yes, I ship the product to the Netherlands, France, most of Europe," he said.
Although the development of pottery Bayat already entered the world and even ceramics have been able to create an innovative product, that does not mean no more traditional craftsmen. There are many craftsmen who are still loyal and faithful in making a variety of traditional pottery, such as pottery bottles, piggy banks, and toys such as basin, cup, and so forth.

Mother Tawarti for example, by using simple equipment and traditional pottery making and the piggy bank. "Our product has been sent to the seller in Bayat." Piggy bank sold Rp 300 per piece, and Rp 500-1000 for pottery flask "said Mrs. Tawarti producing flasks pottery in 1000 and 1000 per month, piggy banks, and therefore it can live depends on her business with her husband who suffered from leprosy.

This is unique from Bayat, although there are some people who are very innovative rockets as craftsmen, but the small size of such Tuwarti mother is still receiving a great attention, in which no matter how many products that can make him, a craftsman always accommodate them. And this may be one of the economic meaning of democracy: the small big help. (top)

Source: http://www2.kompas.com/kompas-cetak/0306/24/jateng/388444.htm

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