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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spider Orchid

Although interest in this collection is not our area, we are from some of the artists who originally inspired by images of orchids sent to them by some of our collectors. Since started years ago, the Exotics collection truly has been successful! With a variety of shapes, colors and size of flowers in the orchid family unending source of inspiration to give.

Spider Orchid # B08
13.50 "x 5.25 h" w
Color as shown
# B19 $ 278 Gold Island
11/25 "h x 5" w
Color as shown
$ 288 # B16 Ghost Orchid
6.50 "x 4.50 h" w
Color as shown
$ 198 # B03 Tropical Sunset
3.50 "x 7.50 h" w
Color as shown
$ 248

Legend of Palo Borracho

Interest shown in the Maiden's Tears Vase comes from South America called the palo borracho trees. A legend of the tree of the tribe of ancient forests Argentina tells of a beautiful young girl and her love, the brave heroes. Color of the tree represent the interest of girls in tears and blood of heroes.
Read this beautiful story as a whole

Rainforest Jewel # A04
3 "h x 4.50" w
Color: As shown
$ 178
# A05 moonlit Orchid
10 "h x 4.50" w
Color: As shown
$ 238 # A06 Maiden's Tears
10.75 "x 5.50 h" w
Color as shown
$ 278

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* Prices subject to change without notice.
* The images shown are representations only. Every part of our pottery is thrown and sculpted by hand. Each section is unique and will vary slightly in color, size, and decoration of the examples described in this web site and in our printed catalog.
* All dimensions given are approximate.
* We DO NOT water tight pottery or food-safe.
* Please note that monitors display colors differently. Colors shown should be considered approximations only. Click here to view our glazes.
* We also have a print version of our catalog that we will be happy to send you free of charge. Please include your email and sales@ephraimpottery.com first and last name and full postal address.://www.ephraimpottery.com

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