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Monday, March 2, 2009

Blue Grass pottery range

Hand painted Porcelain tableware

Blue Grass pottery range

Blue Grass

Design by far our most popular. A rich cobalt blue color, to make rain sponged the background with brushed grass green in fines Strokes. Red touches complete the effect is simple but stunning design.

Blue and white porcelain from the cobalt and has been used as decorations for thousands of years old and still fresh and lasting for days.

Vine pottery range


A lovely soft design depicting the green leaves of the vine, with a soft blue strands connecting them, and of course the rich red dots to illustrate the grapes.

This design can be improved by the addition of 22ct gold glitter, this transformation for the complex design of a more festive look (£ 1 - £ 2 extra)

Poppy pottery range


Our latest design is very feminine, flowers and funky.! Poppy has the richest red as main color with a little green in the complex roots. Can be painted on each item in the range, make a simple but contemporary look to your table.

Lily Thai pottery range
to learn more:www.buchlyviepotteryshop.com/designs.htm
Lily Thai

Lily Thai design we have the opposite effect with all the blue; It is soft, calm and soothing. Using the three golf courses and skillful brushwork this design evokes a lily pond with a certain affect Thailand.

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