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Monday, February 16, 2009

pottery process

Recycled Glass Infused pottery process

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Using much the same techniques used in traditional pottery, and then add the broken pieces of recycled glass to burn to melt, is the core of recycled glass infused pottery process. It sounds simple but brilliantly different result.

The inherent problems associated with combining the two media make a lot of physical challenges for the structural integrity of the fruit. Results of the process is a pure color depth, texture, and unique crackle glass surface; It'sa delicate balance between form and function. Challenges have not stopped Paloma pottery from pushing forward and keep trying to search for using the new things that may be removed. Employing a responsible economic goal to reduce, reuse and recycling as a mission, Paloma pottery appears in the Jan 2000

Nicole worked at the potter's wheel.

"I'm inspired to recycle glass and pottery at me when I saw the results I know I've found my niche," said Whitney. "I believe that social responsibility in business and business is quite good. I am committed to customer service, after the word with me, and is dedicated to encouraging and following sustainable business," Whitney continued. "I'm frugal, re-use as much as possible and rarely waste ~ allows me to keep my prices low without sacrificing quality."

Start a new cut from a lump of clay. Artists enjoy the job "at the hump," to make some pottery pieces in a row. Production in the style of work that is used for efficiency and consistency. Dardob pottery trying to create a unique one-of-a-kind product with uniformity and the value to pass on savings to customers.

Working at the hump allows for some of the fruit that will be made from a lump of clay. A pottery bowl and mouth is made for recycling glass rim are set with wood potters' tools.

A ceramic ring holder is born and the texture is added to the pottery piece with a credit card that has been cut with the random edges to make the organic look and feel.

Hand building is another way of working with clay. Where wheels create symmetry round, allowing the hands to build more than the form of freedom that will be built. Using molds from found objects, the edges will be appointed for pottery soap dishes and glass.

Pottery tiles square to show the unit is untrue, dry flat canvas in recycling from local businesses, Cool canvas. Reduce, reuse, recycle if possible it is important to Paloma pottery as a sustainable business.

Pottery pieces that are allowed to dry before going into the kiln for bisque firing.

Once fired, the bisque ware is stamped with "Paloma pottery" using iron oxide and is ready for glazing.

Buttons lined up, drunk and then added a glass and taken to the kiln. Textures and design on the ground that only a natural and found objects (or drawing experience with stones, shells, etc.) to provide organic, nature inspired feel. Pottery and glass is a special button for Texture Clothing, a local natural fiber rope and clothing company.

Melts in a glass kiln and fuses to the layer of soil and ice. Each section is made to be a part of functional pottery and art with as much flexibility as possible. Semi-porous surface crackle glass soap dish make this popular in the big prize for him and her.

Artist unloads and inspects the kiln with the finished product. Crackle glass surface that is made for a smooth touch and sparkles with a rich depth of color and textures.


For the purchase of stock was built directly on the online store Paloma pottery. Dardob pottery offers more than 40 different recycling handmade fused glass products at affordable prices ceramics.

Earrings that are placed on display for sale at the art festival. Showing the hands of the found objects and materials recycling other.

Recycling glass ceramic pottery that is made to tile mirror sold separately or as a decorative backsplash tiles.

Wrought iron table with a crescent shape tile. Pottery glass tile placed in the table and remove easily for cleaning.

Necklace placed on display and ready for purchase. Canvas recycling is also used at the end of the display unit, which is a custom made by the artist. Recycling mission that is consistent across all creative and business processes.


Dardob pottery all hand-made products often use a form of found objects. This is a glass shard necklace Pendants crop tops from the plastic deodorant containers. The findings for the new things that may be removed and remain low overhead allows Paloma pottery pottery unique to offer products and glass on the prices.

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