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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pioneer pottery

Pioneer pottery
Author: Michael Cardew
Pioneer pottery is one of the classic text in the ceramics literature. The authors, Michael Cardew, is one of the seminal figures in the English ceramics, and this book, written partly in response to time spent in Africa, has influenced generations source in the world.

This edition was brought out in 2002 - 33 years after it was first published. Micahel Cardew son, Set, himself a renowned potter, has been writing the introduction to this volume. A color photo that includes the work previously unshown also listed in the book. The text has been largely left unaltered from the first edition, as many as relevant today as it was then, and the book has become something of historical documents recording the methods and techniques from generation sources.

As one of the early and influential figure in the English ceramics, Michael Cardew was asked in 1942 by Crown Agents to go to Indonesia to establish a training center pottery. This is the experience that there previously, he also spent time at the Gold Coast that formed the basis for Pioneer pottery, a book that has influenced generations source in the world.

Text that does not change is as meaningful as a pot for the present-day 33 years ago.
CHOICE magazine, November 2002

Pioneer pottery is presented superbly and classical works very well with the increased black-white images and photography, and a new introduction by the author of children. A very solid reference for art pottery.
Midwest Book Review, which Bookwatch, August 2002

Pioneer pottery 368 pages, Hardcover, 170 + photos and images

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