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Monday, December 15, 2008

clay and imagination

John O'Brien
Sent by JohnOBrien on 9/20/2007
John O'Brien
Each piece is hand thrown on the wheel and Resources. I give special attention to the way of forming a smooth flow of ships and liquid form a line. I stretch the limit of clay and imagination, especially when I make pieces of a large scale. Once a piece has been formed and has dried to the consistency of my right cut, shave and / or porcelain add color to create a dimensional scene that flows around the ship. When it comes to glazing I use under glazes, engobes, bricklayer dirt, glazes, more than enamels and glazes. Many of the glazes I use my own has been formulated. I only use the materials of high quality. Clays that I use consists of porcelain or a special mixture resembles porcelain and stoneware. All of the high fire Clays (2232F - 2345). All the fruit is a unique piece of art person, and signed.

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