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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Classic Lines features pottery

Classic Lines features pottery hand made high fired functional pottery made by Michael Sowers. With more than 30 years of experience with the ejection of attention to detail and function, you can be sure that all fruit will find crafted and fun to use.

I spent much of my time to design them so that the fruit is fully functional, which does not disclose the actual beauty itself until there is interaction between the blade and user. I'm french butter plate is a good example, he designed with a broad base so that they will not tip over spilling the water, they continue to clock a pound butter (One pack), and the lids so that the average stable when used. My goal is to make the simpliest things like cups of coffee into your favorite, first choice of cup, to the point where you will use other than washing. Many customers have come back to me and just said to me that, even if they buy a set of four and can not see the difference between them is one that matches their right. For me success. One-to-one connection between producers and users that provide comfort, function and exhilaration.

Do not forget to visit French Butter plates, (french butter dish that allows you to save the butter from the refrigerator, stay fresh for up to one month) one of my most popular items!

Ready for the upcoming season of the market with some french butter plate.
for learn more;www.classiclinespottery.com/

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