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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Modern Oil Spot Ceramic Vase

Modern Oil Spot Ceramic Vase by Unokawa Kazumasa
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Modern Japanese Ceramics
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Modern Oil Spot Ceramic Vase by Unokawa Kazumasa

Mercury silver slides silently down mottle silver black in this form of a bottle of Oil Spot vase, Unokawa Kazumasa accompanied by a signed original wooden box. Kuivatukseen silver accurately ribs down side is quite striking that a rich black and separating slowly into the crisply defined in the seats. The vessel shows possession, Tenmoku-Yuteki technology, which is one of the most difficult to manage. It has more than 10 inches (25.5 cm) tall and in excellent condition. It includes Kazumasa, the clay will be where it is needed and, if you follow its lead, it will guide you in the form it would of course be entered. When this philosophy could imagine, he continues to be a completely different styles and forms, and this is indeed the case. Kazumasa was born in 1952, and worked in the Kyoto Ceramics Industrial Research Institute until 1977, when he founded his first private-fired oven in the Hills, Nara. This piece dates circa 1990. Spurning the world of the public voice competitions, he has quietly focused on the personal spaces of private exhibition.

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