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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Making of Blue pottery

The Making of Blue pottery

The entire process, and the Blue Pottery involves four main steps:

Making pottery
Designing & Painting

Part I: Making pottery

(1) First, the individual ingredients are crushed, the small particles.


(2) Small particles are then ground, a traditional grind is called "chakki."

The grinding particles, which Chakki Tool

(3) ingredients in powdered form:

Ingredients in powdered form

(4) powdered ingredients are balanced and fixed proportions.

Measuring ingredients in a measured ingredients

(5) Next, the dough is made from the powdered ingredients.

Kneading the ingredients placement on a plastic bag

Kneading the ingredients with water. The mixture is stored in a plastic bag to maintain moisture.

A ball of dough

Dough ready for use.

(6) After the dough shaped.

The dough has become a chapatti

The dough has become a "chapatti".

The dough is flattened

Then the chapatti is a flattened, with a "thepai" (a traditional wooden instrument).

(7) chapatti has been set into the mold.

Placing the chapatti into the mold
By cutting off excess dough

The edges are trimmed with a knife.

(8) ceramics have been removed from the mold.

Filling the mold with ash in the ash removal

The mold is full of ash that prevents deformation. After the mold is placed, the ash has been removed.

Lifting the mold

And the mold has been removed.

(9) Then the edges are smooth.

Smoothing the outside edges of softening the edges. Smoothing the inside edges

Sandpappering edges of the last equalization system is made of sand paper.

(10) Pottery is covered with a white paste.

The paste ingredients to paste

Applying the past.

Continue to the next stage: Designing & painting.

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