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Friday, September 5, 2008

ceramic vases and ceramics

Ceramics painted by hand from Thailand are largely based on traditional Thai-style paintings. Buddhist religious beliefs and traditions were deeply rooted in everyday life. The main ceramic Bencharond use trajectories beautiful designs on bowls, ceramic vases and ceramics. Although you can find many Benjarong manufacturers and sellers in almost all regions of Thailand, many Bencharond main products are not of good quality. The production of the base ceramic bowls and vases ceramic itself is a very long and tedious process. The hand painting on these ceramic products is once again a slow process. Vendors who want to use Quick Buck Short In their ceramics, sub-raw material for making ceramics, often at the root of the ceramic bowls, ceramic and other objects to appear rough and out of shape. The existence of large air bubbles in the ceramic lead the goods to chip off in spots. The paintings are sometimes used inferior quality, they Fade Off In a few months. The process of firing ceramics A second time, after painting pottery is made, is often totally avoided, the colors are not the fuse painted ceramic and gradually disappear.

That is why we Kaisilver Tied Up Benjarong directly with manufacturers in the north and north-east provinces of Thailand. We follow strict quality control procedures. At the same time, we make sure that the village artisans get fair treatment for their tireless efforts. The main Bencharong ceramics that you see on our website are of perfect quality. The products are cooked after the ceramics are made, and once more after Handpainting on pottery is made. Since the artisans are assured of a good demand for their goods, they are not using time-saving shortcuts. The whole process is allowed to take the time necessary, as was done over 300 years.

So when you try to compare prices of ceramics at face value, remember life cheaper than versions of these have Benjarongh May ceramics. The quality of the ceramics Kaisilver last a lifetime. All you need is to protect against breakage. Colors do fade when exposed to daylight. Remember that these items painted ceramics were cooked for over four hours in a furnace where temperatures soar well above 500 degrees centigrade. The normal room temperature in the same city hottest on our planet would not go beyond 50 degrees centigrade.

VAS02 the large vase with the bowl next to it is just at a price of U.S. $ 250 for all. Shipping is $ 50 U.S. by EMS with web tracking. That is less than half the price of what you would pay for elsewhere.

KER512 The Big bowl with lid is just at a price of U.S. $ 250. Shipping is $ 50 U.S. by EMS with web tracking. That too is less than half the price of other sellers for the same premium quality.
We bear all risks associated with shipping and transit. Any damaged or broken will be replaced at no extra cost.

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These are essentially painted ceramics show pieces. They are not toys to keep them out of reach of children. They will stay and best if enclosed in a glass shelf, where you can marvel at their beauty and be clean and safe. You can occasionally wipe with a damp cloth. No detergents or washing brushes should be used. These are some of the finest and most exclusive decorative ceramic pottery that you can find. That low prices not go wrong, each of these pieces is a masterpiece individual attended by some of the worlds most talented artists.

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