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Friday, August 8, 2008

Pennsylvania German puzzle Jug

Image of Pennsylvania German puzzle Jug
Pennsylvania German puzzle Jug
Rendered by Yolande Delasser (artist)
Watercolor, graphite and gouache on board
Overall: 40.7 x 30.9 cm (16 x 12 3 / 16 inch) IAD original object: 8 "high
Index of American Design
From the Tour: Ceramics from the Index of American Design
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This pitcher, probably a product of a craftsman Pennsylvania, illustrates a technique known as "sgraffito." In this technique, a piece was completely covered with a thin layer of a white slip. If the slip was partly dry, the design was scraping by passing through the coating, allowing the clay beneath. In addition to the floral design, refers to the surface of the pitcher, a German inscription will appear on the neck. He says: "This and the donors are always for your. 1775." Eingeschrieben and pieces like this were usually made of marriage as special gifts, although elaborately decorated goods were also to commemorate other occasions such as births and baptisms.

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