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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sloat Garden pottery

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Sloat Garden Center in Northern California has the largest collection of pottery garden - we are known in the Bay area for our unique shapes, colors and styles. (Scroll down to view the pottery color of the month).

The latest additions to our collection comes from a family of potters in Malaysia that we met over twenty years in the town of Ipoh. Ow The family has been producing pottery for three generations and was the leading producer of garden pottery in Malaysia. Over the years we have worked closely together to adjust the colors, design and sizes to suit the needs of gardeners Sloat.

When we started buying this family of pottery, all that was available was a very rustic pot salt glazed (pottery rubbed with salt, then fired). Over the years the colors and styles have become available a wide selection. Stop and take a look!

Pottery Color months: July and August - Fer Rouge

Did you know? Sloat qualified staff makes custom planters designed for sun and shade. Perfect for your entrance door or a patio, they are available in a range
prices, colors and styles in the dynamics Sloat pottery.
See Sloat's Creative Custom planters here

Sloat Garden Center is pleased to present the following colors for 2008
Galaxy Blue
Blue Jeans
Yellow Cognac
Fer Rouge
Black Moss
Galaxy Blue
Juicy Blue
Juicy Green
Rainforest Blue
Rainforest Green
Red Wine
Dancing Amber
Dancing Midnight Blue
Misty Forestii
Pearl Grey
Snowy Green Racing
Winter Sonata
Green Classic
Antra red
Fer Rouge

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