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Saturday, July 26, 2008

pottery techniques book

pottery techniques book
Publisher: Anderson Turner

Finally! Some of the most requested technical articles and materials potter Illustrated. The techniques of pottery, under the direction of Anderson Turner, offers some of the most popular out-of-print techniques Illustrated published a potter since the first issue was published as a monthly supplement of Ceramics in 1997. You'll find dozens of techniques, tips and projects to launch the wheel, handbuilding, finishing and shooting-all presented in an easy to understand, step by step.

Table of Contents
1. Launch

* Teapots carved by Jim Connell
* Lancer wheels: Low-stress Centering by Ginny Marsh
* Getting It Together by Dannon Rhudy
* Throwing Sticks: The tools of the trade by Ivor Lewis
* The launch using a Stick by Ivor Lewis
* An approach by Cory Roth Bottles
* How do bats outstanding George Juliano with Elizabeth Hudgins
* Construction of major forms of Michelle McCurdy
* The Lazy Way: Launch a pot and cover with a single piece by Sumi von Dassow
* Cut wire before Don Adamaitis
* Launch Long-Neck Bottles of Annie Robbins
* Hand tools made from notes by Lili Krakowski
* Cut: Method, Technique, Mind's Eye by Sumi von Dassow
* Handle traction by Steven Hill

2. Handbuilding

* A performance history Marylou Higgins
* A collaboration between the painter and Susan Potter Chappelear
* Handbuilding with slabs and cones and cylinders Scott Dooley
* Make a bumper-Jack Extruder by David Hendley
* House in two parts extrusion dies by David Hendley
* The industry workers Cups: The intersection of Industry, Clay and Hard Times by Richard Burkett
* Bumper-Jack extrusion after Mary Kate Sullivan
* Building with Nails by Hanna Lore Hombordy
* Rolling, Rolling, Rolling by Andi Fasimpaur
* Book clay A Primer by Rosette Gault
* Creating forms with Hump dies Harriet Gamble
* The budget Potter slab guide by Sylvia Shirley
* The combination of found objects with clay Todd Shanafelt
* Make a Split-Leg Potter's Apron by Barbara Coultry

3. Finishing and cooking

* Airbrushing an abstract expression by Douglas Kenney
* Unleashing the lens of Sectrets Emaux George Juliano with Elizabeth Hudgins
* Measure for Measure by Lili Krakowski
* Vitrerie Tips and techniques by Sumi von Dassow
* All polished up by Sumi von Dassow
* Slip Painting Tamar Laderman
* Cooking with paper Saggars by Dannon Rhudy
* Wash Four Bill Jones
* Building a Domed Four Cylinder Don Adamaitis
* Four degrees of cooking

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