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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pottery in Africa

Pottery in Africa

In Mali, where these beautiful incense burners are made, the traditional way of burning incense is to put a hot charcoal fire in the bottom of the censer, then sprinkle the powder local incense on top . Coincidentally, women on the other side of the continent (Eritrea) do the same thing when traditional coffee.

Why not use these beautiful hand-made clay incense burners just fill your house with sweet scent of jasmine, patchouli, lavendar or orange? The cone of incense syle which is readily available in shops will be the best choice, unless of course you care to try the old African!

Thank you, ladies and Mali, Tunisia and South Africa that make this pottery will be able to better support themselves and their families. And, of course, as it does for all your purchases, Mama will make a donation to a local NGO in Ghana, which works to improve the lives of women and children!

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Tunisia best ...

Below you will find a range of works of art that you east of Tunisia. This small country in North Africa has been known for generations as a place to find colors, ornately decorated pottery. These parts are still made by hand on the wheel potters, then hand painted.

The pottery is well known Tunisian collected and for how solid, but it is elegant. You'll find similarities with the pottery of Algeria and Morocco, but he has a style of its own.

Mama has selected a variety of colors and types of coins to give you an idea of how their magnificent work. Usually, Mama encourages you to take your time and choose the right track. After all, these are works of art, and not just candy bowls or dishes.

This time, however, please do not take too long to decide, because we received many requests for pottery and are confident that these documents will not last long!

This bowl of couscous traditional measures 40 cm in diameter. Although it is normally used to serve a delicious dish called couscous, you will also find it makes a wonderful bowl of fruit. There are three different models available a limited number of each is in stock. So if you are interested to order more than 4, please email Mama first to be sure that we have available.

If you are interested in putting the antenna to its original use as a recipe for couscous, please click here. It is a site with a list of revenue across Africa.

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