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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pottery Classics Collection

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Pottery Classics Collection
Collection Type 1: Fine Art
Collection Type 2: Ethnography
Collection Type 3: Teaching Equipment
Collection Type 4:
Collection Type 5:
Estimated No items: 70
School / College / Institution: History and Classics
General Condition: Condition: Fair
Largest Dimensions: 25x25x40
Dimensions smallest: 10x10x5
Period: Prehistoric era in Rome
Association 1: Minister for Education collection
Association 2:
Comments: A collection of vessels, plates, lamps, and figurines from prehistoric Egypt and Cyprus; Mycenaean, Early na, and classical Greek and Roman era. Many people are funerary offerings. A catalogue exists online, the entire collection, http://www.shc.ed.ac.uk/undergraduate/collection/pottery.htm.
Recorder: E. Peppers
Record Date: 21/02/2005
Sample Photo: Sample Photo

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