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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pottery 101:

Pottery 101:

Our stoneware pottery is durable, versatile and safe to use. Taken to 2336 degrees F,
known as the "cone 9", it is ovenware, microwave and dishwasher. Our clay and
glazes do not contain harmful substances. For cooking we suggest warming our parts in the
oven, rather than placing it in an oven preheated. Teapots and cups should be rinsed with
hot tap water before pouring in boiling water. These precautions will help eliminate strong
temperature changes may cause damage to a piece of sandstone.

Stoneware is a natural and abundant clay used for millennia. Primitive stage furnaces
potters at low temperature varies. The ancient Chinese were among the first to develop
High-fired stoneware pottery dating from around 500 BC.

Contemporary clay bodies vary in color - beige to brown with honey to brown,
depending on the iron content and methods of fire. Our sandstone is our own formulation,
the combination of several clays mined throughout the Midwest of the USA. Sandstone gross
clay is a joy to work with - It is "plastic" which means malleable It has a minimum withdrawal and
chain and it is well to cooking high stress. Our formulated glaze mixture and merge with the creation of sandstone and lasting hot colors - characteristic of our work.

With the care of our stoneware pottery will provide years of pleasure.

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Jill Grau, Tortorella
Gorgeous Custom crockery

A unique type of a service table.
Dinner Plates - 11 'wide $ 45 each
Plaque accompanying - 8 "large $ 35 each
Soup / salad - 7-8 "wide $ 35 each
Coffee / Tea Mug $ 18 each
Cup and Saucer Set $ 25 set

Make your table service complete.
Dish service
Beurrier covered
Serve Bowls
Prices vary May - just ask about your request!

Examples can be seen on the gallery page of this site.

A deposit of 50% is required in order to cover the cost of custom and clay.
You choose your shapes and colors of my samples. Once the forms are
approved by you, I will run samples of color to final approval. Eight weeks later, you set
will be ready. Your satisfaction is guaranteed for each piece. The stoneware clay
and glazes I use my own formulations. They are healthy food, safe oven, dishwasher and
microwave. You will receive written details on the care and use your pottery.

Although it is preferable to order all your dishes at the same time ensure better color consistency,
Other pieces can be ordered at any time in most cases. One of a Kind dishes east
just. Some slight discrepancy is normal and makes the game unique.

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