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Monday, July 7, 2008


British Pottery and ceramic studio

Red and copper Flambe Glazes

David Lawrence Fry was practising in the studio pottery for more than 35 years and is now one of Britain is the leading studio potters, the best pieces of his work are very sort after by collectors from around the world.

His method of work and the nature of firing makes each piece of work produced unique.
Its work is based on glazes and ideas on early ceramics from Japan, China and Korea. He has spent many years studying and working in ancient recipes for glazes, which he added his own intuition to increase their depth and beauty, reaching a layer of color to color, has developed a unique range of a reduction in fuel Flambe 'Chun, June, Wood Ash, copper red , Lang-Yao, Shino and Iron glazes, produced in high-fired stoneware. At the ceramics produced in particular, vases, bowls and platters; work can be used and loved for many years.

-- No toxic materials are used in ceramics, are makers, users and environmentally friendly --

For more technical information about glazes see the 'Oriental Mystery' and 'Glazes' websites.

Vase at Inglewood

Clay is used is a mixture of three different English natural clays. The glazes are mixed from basic raw materials, some found on the site, such as wood ash, and some supplies. Work is produced hand-thrown, forming a building; larger pieces are in sections and joined while wet.

Work is' reduction 'fired in the 40-cu. ft Natural gas furnace at a temperature around. 1340 degrees Celsius (cone14). Ex takes about 24 hours to achieve peak temperature, then it is allowed to slowly cooled for a further 48 hours before the opening of the oven.

Studio is located in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne in northeast England,
and is situated in the old courtyard, which is now part of Newcastle Arts Centre, which is interesting built directly on top Roman Milecastle, part of Hadrian's Wall, David Fry himself appeared and showed that line the Wall when Newcastle. The discovery was made during the restoration of a group of buildings, which became the Arts Centre. Look at the 'Archeology' sites and 'Tiles' websites for more information.
The site covers many other art-related topics in addition to work on David Fry, and enjoy.
All photos and web design on these pages (unless otherwise indicated) the copyright Sam Keating-Fry and David Fry.
Pottery classes / workshops are now ready to start - see page classes.
The pottery and ceramic repairs and restoration - see the restoration site

the biscuits FACTORY
Stoddard Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1AN
new work from David and Lisa Fry deLarny
plus the common work of these two artists

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