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Friday, June 13, 2008


Handmade products from Vietnam are our specialty!

VIETNAMCRAFTS company is the export of a thousand varieties of Vietnamese traditional handicraft products, and broad spectrum of modern style at the lowest prices and best customer service.

We would like to announce our latest additions to the rare and unique Vietnam handicraft products: special horn and shell handbags, hand embroidery, including pillows and pillowcases, bed linen items, Table Mats, napkins, embroidery paintings, embroidered handbags. Our beautiful lacquer ware & paint, photo album, 100% silk scarves, traditional lanterns, beautiful candle holder & Decoration lamps. In our Horn & Shell Catalog We offer fashion jewelries, dishes and utensils. We also export large quantities of Vietnam pottery and ceramics, handmade paper, handicrafts made of wood, silver products are some specific points and more ...

We guarantee our price to quality is the best for the customer needs, with some designs can be found on our website and more than a thousand designs in our catalogue. We have huge selection for the customers to choose from, only if our website or ask us to send more of our latest catalog & price range, select your favorite choice, then let us do the rest.

Special order:

Every thing is possible! We have a group of skills craftsmen from traditional craft villages in Vietnam. If you are interested in developing a new product or an adaptation of an existing, please contact us and we will help make it happen.

For more information please contact:

Mr. Tran Hai Hau (Sales Manager)

VIETNAMCRAFTSco., LTD. 16 Anson, Daila Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: 84.4.628 8983 / 465 650 Fax: 84.4.869 7249

E-mail: sales@crafts.vn OR tranhaihau@fpt.vn Website: www.crafts.vn

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