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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pottery-Bali in Indonesia

Pottery-Bali in Indonesia
home and garden pottery clay

We classify our clay and the pottery collection on the basis of its function, its design and / or its finish. Painted earthen pot and cooked in clay pot red clay, for example, are separated from the collection of handmade pottery.
From this page you direct links with each of our decor of the house and garden pottery catalogue.

The main pottery gallery represents any design that we have in our collections of pottery. Please note that all photos showed only their proportional size. Details on the actual size of an element lies in its description of the product.

We also have non-pottery garden decoration items such as pots and planters terrazzo, stone planters and bases, stone and flower vases. And when you're looking for something unique natural stone articles, we will have a wonderful series on contemporary garden statue, flooring and wall tiles, mesh-backed Mozaik tiles, pebbles and stones.

Water? Yes, we have formed a zen water basins of stone and bamboo stouts. Some of our big planters and terrazzo stone planters can also be used as water too!

Please let us know your e-mail, if you want to be informed when any of these new items are available.
Gallery main pottery

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