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Thursday, June 26, 2008

exclusive tiziano GALLI naked pottery and beauty

Exclusive tiziano GALLI naked pottery and beauty - Italy
Prices start from U.S. $ 2,500.00
The current price of $ 2,500.00 U.S.
Time remaining 13 days 4 hours 21 minutes
Show countdown 0
Now purchase price of U.S. $ 2,900.00
Reserve price --
Time to start Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Time end on Tuesday, July 01, 2008
Signed in Montreal, QC

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Exclusive tiziano GALLI naked beauty porcelaine - Italy ---------- progress in this auction is very rare for a wonderful old Italian alien statue by the artist's craft, which is immediate, crockery, plastic, with a strong creative spirit, tiziano GALLI (Milan 1908 -1,986 (And distinguished in the post-World War II. Voluptuous this statue of the naked beauty in mint condition, no cracks, no defects and repatriation. The statue is a sign of the botton slogan "Made in Italy" and signed by the artist. This is very rare statue of lenci, and esevi pounds bertetti age. Details of these pieces are simply wonderful. is a soft skin and hair is glossy. This will make it big piece of porcelain, in addition to serious collectors around the world. TIS somptuous piece about 35 cm high.

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