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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mexican pottery

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The oldest national Mexican pottery dating from the formative period (1500-1000 BC) in the valley of Mexico. On the coast of the Gulf Olmec culture produced hollow, naturalistic figures. During the Classical period (300 ad? Up to 900?), Pottery figurines from the east showed the vibrant freedom of expression, from the west were often grouped into impressionistic scenes from everyday life. On Teotihuacán on the central plateau, polychrome three vessels have been produced and fungi. In the Post-Classical era of the Toltecs occupied the central plateau, the production of typical pottery red or orange cream on buff. Later, the Aztecs first treated rather abstract decoration, then to red and orange bowls decorated with birds and other life forms. Further south, the Zapotec and Mixtec resist Aztec influence. Besides modeled animals, people and gods, she has a very Burnished polychrome pottery that influenced later pottery.

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